November 12, 2012


40749_13Best dining experience?
Dinner at a brand new Japanese restaurant on Baldwin called ND Sushi & Grill. It was the unexpectedness of the quality and the delightful value for money that nudged that evening so high on my list. ND is at the very end of the Baldwin Street restaurant strip, owned and operated by a dedicated young couple, Andy and Jasmine Chon. They do everything themselves, Andy in the kitchen and Jasmine in the front-of-house. We’d noticed they offer omakase (for $50) and ordered it in advance. The place had barely been open a week and we were the only customers in the calm, ascetically decorated room. We began with sashimi of sweet sea cucumber, scallop and razor clam served with a delicate salad of various seaweeds and land seedlings. Then a bowl of velvety edamame purée, followed by shaved raw fluke and fluke fin over cucumber and shiso leaf. Juicy grilled shrimp were smothered in crispy taro threads and salty roe. Sinfully gooey roasted eggplant and seared sea bream came next, followed by some excellent nigiri sushi and a finale of lime-ginger crème brûlée. All so thoughtful and serene…

James Chatto